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Advanced Anti-Aging Program

Our Advanced Anti-Aging (AAA) program is designed to provide with the latest scientific breakthroughs to patients of all ages.

Dr.Karapetyan helps each patient individually to address age-related concerns. His personalized treatment plans “slow” the aging process so that you look and feel better.

We effectively identify and treat many age-related concerns including:

• Low Energy Levels
• Mood Swings
• Sleep Problems
• Testosterone Deficiency
• Lack of Libido
• Weight Gain
• Reduced Muscle Mass
• Displeasing Body Contour & Appearance
• Wrinkles, Sagging, Dry Skin

Evaluation phase

• A consultation to review your current concerns and any other health issues that may be relevant to your health.
• Baseline blood tests, state of the art metabolic testing and body composition analysis.
• An evaluation analysis appointment where Dr. Karapetyan will review your lab report and questionnaires, and makes treatment recommendations based upon your health history, health status, lab results, symptoms concerns, lifestyle and hormone levels.

Our integrative approach includes a medical history and goals, lifestyle evaluation, bio-markers of aging testing, skin analysis, physical exam, medication information, injections. Dr. Karapetyan then creates a unique anti-aging treatment plan based on your health history, goals, symptoms, and laboratory test results.

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