AquaGold Fine Touch

AquaGold at LA Beauty Skin Center
aquagold at la beauty skin center

At LA Beauty Skin Center we offer a plethora of innovative and new treatment options including AquaGold. AquaGold is a micro-channeling device that rejuvenates and plumps your skin.

AquaGold is a painless treatment that infuses the skin directly with a customized blend based on the patient. This blend is delivered through 20 microscopic needles, no wider than a piece of hair. These 24k gold needles allow for the custom blend of hyaluronic acid, botox, vitamins and PRP to penetrate the skin’s surface without creating microtears or causing bleeding.

This treatment addresses dryness, fine lines, wrinkles, signs of aging/damage and can be used on the face, neck and chest.

The Benefits of AquaGold

  • Painless
  • Direct application
  • Fast and easy

Painless treatment for sensitive areas including

  • Around the mouth
  • Around the eyes
  • Neck
  • Forehead
  • Décolletage
  • Back of hands

AquaGold Fine Touch Blends May Include:

  • Hyaluronic acid fillers
  • Neuromodulators
  • Vitamins
  • PRP
  • Pigment reducers
  • Stem cells

Base price is $750 which may increase depending on your specific blended needs. 

Results vary from patient to patient depending on the blend used. The collagen boost will last anywhere from three weeks to six months for patients receiving multiple treatments.

Patients may resume normal daily activity immediately, though they should avoid direct sunlight for three days and wear sunscreen during that time.

Consultations with Dr. Arman F. Karapetyan are $100, which will be applied to the treatment cost if the treatment is done on the same day.

Consultations with nurses, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants are $50, and will be applied to the treatment cost if the treatment is done on the same day.

Please call us at 818-888-0001 for your consultation.