The Medical Dermaroller® available through LA Beauty Skin Center

Dermaroller ®

For years, Hollywood’s elite secretly used The Medical DermarollerTM to fade stretch marks, acnes scars, sun damage and wrinkles.

It’s completely natural and non-invasive. So there’s no downtime or risk of side-effects.

Best of all, your results look so natural and lasts so long, people think you always had that youthful, smooth skin.

How does The Medical DermarollerTM work?

The Medical DermarollerTM uses hundreds of micro needles to penetrate your skin. After applying a topical anesthetic, your doctor rolls The Medical DermarollerTM onto your target area. This triggers cell growth. The reaction “fills” these micro holes with new collagen and elastin.

What does The Medical DermarollerTM treat?

It’s ideal for any region on your body where you’d like to:

• Reduce wrinkles
• Fill scars from acne and chicken pox
• Shrink large pores
• Reduce certain scars from surgery or burns
• Even skin pigmentation
• Fade stretch marks
• Tighten sagging skin
• Normalize oily skin
• Smooth skin texture in trouble regions like arms & buttocks

How quickly can I see results?

You see results within 2-3 days after treatment. Because collagen production occurs naturally and at the cellular level, your skin continues looking smoother and firmer up to 8 weeks after treatment. Improvements can last up to two years with regular use of the DermarollerTM Home Kit.

Why is it better than laser and peels?

Chemical peels and lasers work by removing or destroying cells, which thins the skin – making it fragile. Instead, The Medical DermarollerTM stimulates and renews skin cells so:

• You return to regular activities after treatment
• There’s no post treatment pain, bleeding or bruising*
• It’s safe on all skin types
• There’s no risk of scarring or other side-effects
• You can repeat treatments for younger, healthier skin
*in rare instances, tiny bruises may occur

DermarollerTM Home Kit
A convenient way to prolong and boost the effects of your Medical DermarollerTM treatment. The DermarollerTM Home Kit lets you gently roll away wrinkles and other trouble areas by stimulating extra collagen production. So gentle, you can use it weekly.