Laser Hair Removal

The most effective method of removing unwanted hair is laser hair removal treatment. Laser hair removal is cost-effective, non-invasive, painless and efficient. Waxing and shaving can cost you thousands of dollars in the long run. Nonetheless, problematic hair will not disappear.

We’re here to help break the cycle of hair problems offered by waxing and shaving – LA Beauty Skin Center offers the best laser hair removal in Los Angeles.

Laser Procedures and Skin Treatments

LA Beauty Skin Center is a professional laser med spa that offers affordable laser procedures for hair removal, skin tightening, vein treatment, sun spots, and more. Cosmetic laser treatments are a proven effective method for reducing unwanted hair, removing unsightly veins, and reducing the look of sun spots and age spots. A quick and straightforward procedure, you’ll notice results after one visit. Save your money from waxing and shaving and start showing off your beautiful body with laser skin treatments.


Veins in your arms and legs can appear for a myriad of reasons. Aging, genetics, and type of work you do can all play an essential role in that. Veins start becoming visible and unsightly when they are abnormally dilated or inflamed. A simple procedure by a highly skilled laser technician can eliminate them.

Laser Procedure for Skin Tightening

As you age, collagen production in your body starts to slow, and your skin begins to sag and loosen. It is most noticeable on your face, neck, and jawline. With laser skin tightening, you can effectively reduce skin laxity and achieve a more attractive facial contour. Restore your natural beauty with laser treatments enabling you to look younger for years to come.

Laser Procedure for Sunspots

We live in one of the sunniest states. Sun exposure has numerous benefits, but it has some adverse effects as well. One of them is the skin damage. Prolonged exposure to the sun can significantly reduce the amount of collagen in the skin, resulting in more pronounced wrinkles as skin loses tightness and elasticity. Other symptoms of sun damage include inflammation and hyperpigmentation. Sun spots, the little brown spots that can appear on the skin known, are a direct result of sun damage and can be removed with the use of state-of-the-art laser technology at LA Beauty Skin Center. Our laser treatments destroy the cells that generate the extra pigment. The treatment of sunspots is proven to be efficacious in creating an even-toned, youthful appearance of your skin. However, we also recommend you start wearing sunscreen to prevent more sunspots from appearing.

Why LA Beauty Skin Center?

Although there are a lot of medical spas in Los Angeles, we’re the one for you. We are an institution headed by internationally renowned Dr. Arman Karapetyan and his team of highly trained professionals who help bring your aesthetic desires to life. Using state-of-the-art technology to efficiently administer your cosmetic laser skin treatments, we strive to give you back the confidence you deserve. Our affordable laser procedures have many different pricing options, packages, and more so that you can afford to look and feel the way you want to.

Bring back your natural beauty with LA Beauty Skin Center. We believe that the achievements of modern aesthetic medicine should be accessible to everyone. Discover your new favorite laser med spa in Los Angeles today.

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