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Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty / Non Surgical Nose Job

The dream of many has become true the day injectable fillers were proven to contour, reshape and refine the nose without surgery successfully.

It’s a painless, with no downtime or anesthesia, affordable alternative to the traditional surgical rhinoplasty.

Sometimes it’s referred to as a “10-minute nose job” (that’s how long the procedure lasts), or a “liquid nose job” (for the use of the injectable fillers).

Most commonly used fillers for this procedures are:


There are a few aesthetic problems that can be addressed with this procedure: nose bridge bumps/indentations, crooked noses, wide nostrils, tips of the noses that are pinched (bum-shaped), wide nostrils, retracted or low hanging columellas (the skin and cartilage bridge in between the nostrils).

Within 10-15 min, you’ll see the visibly improved, reshaped, contoured nose. The duration of the results depends on the filler of choice. Most of the fillers containing hyaluronic acid last 9-12 months.

Price: $700

Note: Must be performed by an experienced, licensed professional. Individual results may vary.

At LA Beauty Skin Center we have a state-of-the-art technology and a highly qualified team of professionals ready to attend to your personalized needs and to answer the questions you might have.

Please call us at 818-888-0001 for your free consultation. Consultations with Dr. Arman F. Karapetyan are $100, which will be applied to the treatment cost if the treatment is done on the same day. Consultations with nurses, physician assistants and aestheticians are complimentary.

Click here for Injectables pricing list.

Video of the Procedure

Non-surgical nose correction with Voluma or Juvederm Plus at LA Beauty Skin Center by Arman F Karapetyan, MD.