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Do you have wrinkles, scars or sun rashes on damaged skin? Would you like to have your skin’s complexion changed for a fresher and brighter look? All you need is to visit a skin care center for a chemical peel application procedure. The procedure takes approximately 30 minutes.

A chemical peel is a form of skin treatment solution that restores the skin surface to make it smoother and more radiant. The procedure is very popular at medical spas as treatment for specific skin conditions, especially on the face as an anti-aging agent. It removes old wrinkles and face lines so that the skin may have a more youthful look. It can be applied on the face, neck or hands.

A chemical peel is highly acidic, because it is a combination of skin care elements and naturally occurring acids such as alpha hydroxy acid (AHA), beta hydroxy acid (BHA) or salicylic acid. It is applied on the skin surface to peel it off. It should not be administered without the opinion of a qualified dermatologist or a licensed health care professional.

Types of Chemical Peels
Many peels in the market today are simply a combination of several skin peeling agents.

A peel can be categorized as mild, medium or deep peel. The type, depth and strength of chemical peels are defined by the level of acidity contained in the formulation.

Superficial/Mild Peel
It is considered mild because it does not go beyond the outer skin layer, the epidermis. It uses a glycolic or salicylic acid solution on the skin, hence only causes some slight change to the skin and is safe on all skin types.

Medium Peel
This peel has the Trichloroacetic solution in its formation and goes deeper into the skin, peeling off the epidermis and the middle layer of the skin, the dermis. It is applied in treating more serious skin cases like wrinkles, sun rashes, acne and facial lines.

Deep Peel
It is the strongest peel and penetrates beyond the deeper layers of the dermis. A deep peel consists of phenol, and it goes even deeper than a medium peel. It is applied in removing some of the most stubborn skin cases like deep wrinkles, skin blotches and cancerous growth cells. Because of its strong elements, it can only be applied once in a lifetime.

Benefits of Chemical Peels
You can get the best results if you go for the right choice of peel and a safer procedure administered by a qualified professional. After the application, the peel will leave your skin looking smoother, fresher and very radiant. They are also used in the effective management of a number of skin complications, such as:

• Removing scars, dead skin and cancerous cells.
• Correcting skin pigmentation problems.
• Removing acne, sun exposure rashes, old and deep wrinkled skin.

After visiting La Beauty Skin Center, the complexion of your skin will improve to a radiant appearance in a very short time.

At La Beauty Skin Center, we are committed to offering the best, safe, nonsurgical skin treatment solutions to all our clients. We have so many chemical peels in the market today, and sometimes clients do not know what choice to go for. Our team of committed skin care practitioners will review your skin problems and recommend the best, safest and most effective peel for your skin condition.

Experience the most consistent skin, radiance and skin lucidity with our wide range of chemical peels, such as the Vi Peel, Jessner Peel, Combo Peel, Fruit Complex Peel, Glycolic Peel and the Green Peel, among others. Our selection blends the best superficial, medium and deep peel skin ingredients and natural acid solutions that will take care of any type of skin condition.

Our experts work on all your skin problems to ensure that the solutions and procedures administered leave you with a healthier, beaming and younger skin. You will witness ample changes on your skin complexion when you visit our affordable medical spa. At La Beauty Skin Center, we assure you of quality products and services delivered by a team of dedicated professionals.

Vi Peel Price $190
Jessner Peel Price $140
Combo Peel Price $140
Fruit Complex Peel Price $115
Glycolic Peel $100
Green Peel $350