Vitamin Therapy Prices

At LA Beauty Skin Center our vitamin therapies come in two options. These options are our various different IV Treatments as well as Booster Shots.

IV Treatments are most effective when you have them each week for four weeks. This ensures the maximum result for all of the micro-nutrients and vitamins to reach your body in needed areas. The benefit of IV Treatments is that they allow for all of the vitamins and nutrients to bypass the GI Tract and go directly to the circulatory system. This ensures maximum results as there is little to no loss through digestion. This allows for the body to access the needed materials to see amazing results and feel better than you ever have before.

Our IV Treatments come in seven different types to fit your needs and desires.

Booster Shots are great for that extra boost in any different area. Our booster shots are available in five different types to fit your needs.

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