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A facial is a soothing and relaxing way to improve the look of your skin based on your complexion needs. Getting facials on a regular basis can make your skin smoother and remove impurities and blemishes to reveal a glowing, youthful face.

If you have dry skin, you’ll likely benefit from an enzyme facial. The enzymes serve as a gentle form of exfoliation and help to remove dead and flaky skin cells without irritating the face. A mask that helps to hydrate the skin is also best for a naturally dry complexion. Natural ingredients like avocado and aloe are ideal to include in a dry skin mask during a facial.

For oily complexions, an exfoliant made from salicylic or glycolic acid is best. These ingredients remove debris and impurities from the skin and remove excess oil from the face so that the pores can breathe properly. It is common for people with oily skin to experience breakouts due to the fact that oil can trap dirt on the skin. This is the reason extractions are often part of an oily skin facial. It is important for clients to let a spa professional conduct the extractions, as special tools are needed to remove the impurities from the skin without causing a scar.

Combination skin is a type of complexion that has both dry and oily areas, which need to be treated separately. Microdermabrasion is commonly part of a facial for combination skin. This procedure reveals a new layer of glowing skin and removes dirt, oil, and debris from the skin with the old skin layer using exfoliant crystals and a special machine. It’s not uncommon for people with exfoliation skin to require extractions, especially in the T-Zone, which is the area of the face that includes the chin, nose, and forehead.

Clients with mature skin often make appointments to receive facials as well. Our facial professionals will assess the type of skin a client has, i.e. oily dry or combination, and customize a facial to meet the client’s needs. A moisturizing treatment that includes applying antioxidants to the face and using instruments and ingredients that increase circulation in the face like laser treatments and forms of retinol are often components in a facial for mature skin as well. These help the skin to appear more youthful and radiant and prompt the skin to produce new cells at a faster rate.

Our estheticians also know how to work with sensitive skin. We use a combination of products that don’t contain fragrances or harsh chemicals, and usually, apply a gentle enzyme exfoliant to the face to remove dirt and oil.

LA Beauty Skin Center estheticians can put together a customized facial treatment for you that will meet your complexion needs. Schedule an appointment with us today so you can experience a consultation with one of our skin care specialists to find out which type of facial treatment is best for your complexion and skin care needs.

Acne facial $75
Microdermabrasion $75
Microdermabrasion+facial $120
Hollywood Lift[non-surgical facelift] $80
Hollywood Lift+facial $135
European customize facial $75
Skin tightening facial $95
Skin lightening facial $75