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Laser Hair Removal

If you’re an avid waxer, you probably visit a salon every 4-6 weeks and undergo the stressful process of waxing to attain a short-lived silky smooth skin.Perhaps, you should consider having some of that unwanted hair removed painlessly and permanently.

Laser hair removal is a proven effective method of eliminating or reducing the follicular growth which could be dropped down by 80% after the final treatment. The unwanted hair is eradicated to the point of minimal or no growth. If it’s necessary, you can request touch-ups to polish the result.

Being familiar with how the process works will help you to discover the ideal, safe medical spa, equipped with the most up-to-date hair removal technology, near you.

Skin And Hair Type

Prior to laser treatments, the skin and hair type of the patient should be taken into account.

Skin types are classified according to the quantity of melanin or pigment in the skin layers. Individuals who are fair-skinned (extremely light skin), with high sensitivity to sunlight, are regarded as having either skin type I or II. On the other hand, olive-colored complexions belong to skin types III or IV, and the very dark complexion could be categorized as skin types V and VI. Hair thickness is essential as well.

Hair removal laser generates a particular wavelength which can only be absorbed by a specific type of pigment.

Very dark, often thick, hair indicates that there’s an ample amount of pigment which could effectively absorb the light of the laser. Once pigment accumulates the light, the hair follicle is destroyed. The main advantage of using a laser with the recommended wavelength and penetration is that only the hair follicle is affected and not the surrounding tissue.

The inaccurate pairing of the laser settings with the patient’s skin and hair type could result in burns, hyper or hypo-pigmentation. Also, it is essential to follow the guidelines of the safety of laser treatments, such as avoiding sun tanning before and after the treatments to prevent burns. Some medications may also affect the sensitivity of the skin to light and should be avoided prior and during procedures.

The Number Of Treatments Needed

Many patients wonder why there are 6-8 sessions recommended to complete laser hair removal treatment.

The reason is that hair follicles develop in stages. The immature hair follicle is the farthest from the skin’s surface; therefore laser light cannot destroy them.

As the follicle grows, it starts to move up to the skin’s surface and becomes vulnerable to the laser light.

In short, only the visible follicles could be eliminated by the laser, and it takes 6-8 cycles to warrant a successful treatment.

When considering a laser hair removal treatment, it is essential to be knowledgeable about which hair removal options would work the best for you. Looking for the best deal or the most affordable price doesn’t reap the benefit.

LA Beauty Skin Center is excellent, and most importantly, safe choice for this particular procedure.

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